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 Cheat GM Force Skill Buffs

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PostSubyek: Cheat GM Force Skill Buffs   Fri Oct 09, 2009 5:27 am

1. login to your RF online acccount
2. open WPE
2. start logging
3. buff up to 8 buffs include basic warrior skills, if your char is not a warrior
4. stop logging
5. search for any packet that starts with 13 ex 13 00 11 04 1B 00 BD 00 EE D2 00 00 61 66 29 45 29 AA AA
6. right click that packet you found
7. click add to send list
8. edit the selected packet
9. modify the 5th to 3D or 3E or 3F. choose any of the three and click ok
a. 3D – heroes roar
b. 3E – victorious vigor
c. 3F – scar of defeat
10. check the selected packet
11. go back to RF online
12. place the 8 buffs you want to GM on the auto action marco
13. place the auto action icon on any of the shortcut slots (1-10)
14. go back to WPE
15. click on send packets and a send setting box appears, right click
the selected packet, click set send list with this socket id, then
click send again. stigma of disgrace : 40
16. click on continuously and then click send
17. go back to RF online
18. click on the auto action icon you place on the slot (1-10), there you go
19. poof you can gm your buff in a day or less, you can see on the left
upper corner besides your hp/fp/sp bar. Its like a debuffer to your
buff skills.

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Cheat GM Force Skill Buffs
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